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SHOW #66WorkHack Alert! How to make your own disaster emergency kit for the office. Up-and-coming NYC street musician. 3 career resources you need to hear about. Listen HERE!

SHOW #65:  Channel the power of calm! Five simple ways to be a Buddhist at work. Find out where you fit in The Creative Circle of Life. Listen HERE!

SHOW #64: 6 ways to battle a bully boss. The truth about CEOs salaries. 3 career resources you don’t know about. Teachers fight back. Listen HERE!

SHOW #63:  Learn how to do Yoga at your desk on the company dime. How to beat the afternoon sleepies without caffeine. 8 steps to save your back and spine if you’re a desk slave. Listen HERE!

SHOW #62:  The creator of the Ridiculous Business Jargon Dictionary speaks out on Stall Naps, Optics and the art of Phone Shui! How you can make extra money by finding jobs for your friends. An open letter from your keyboard. Listen HERE!

SHOW #61:  When to ask. Who to ask. How important are they? Do they expire? Certified career coaches Christine and Jen from Make the Leap answer all of your reference letter questions. Listen HERE!

SHOW #60:  I share the gory details of my new employee handbook. “The Voice” answers your questions on value conflict and freedon of expression. Dean Lindsay has a quick networking tip. Take the vending machine munchies quiz. Listen HERE!

SHOW #59: Art of the Meeting: Attendees – The Voice of Reason shares 6 tips to help attendees survive a meeting.  Part one of a three part-series. Listen HERE!

SHOW #58:  Relationship expert Dr. Jackie Black gives her take on office romances. VOR answers your questions on bully bosses and Girl Scout cookie madness. 4 hot career resources. Listen here!
SHOW #57:  6 surefire ways to avoid taking work home with you. “Ultimate Job Hunting Secrets” author and CHiMBY.com founder Chris Russell. Is there a right time to complain to your boss’s boss? Listen HERE!

SHOW #56: The Upbeet Gardner has your guide on growing the perfect desk plant.  Passion Catalyst Curt Rosengren shares a plan for immediate career action. Learn how to play the Kevin Bacon career game. Listen HERE!

SHOW #55: Are social networking sites like MySpace career suicide?  Expert career coaches give their take. Listeners ask how they should deal with favoritism and eating lunch at their desks. Word-of-Mouth Job Listings for techno geeks and music freaks.  Last chance to win an easy $50. Listen HERE!

SHOW #54:  What are the best/worst companies to work for? The owner of JobVent.com sheds some light. Find out how to win your own $1 million business from Ace Hardware. We’re giving out a $50 gift card! QBD’arte on spicing up your cube. Listen HERE!

SHOW #53: The Working Podcast relaunches as part of Jobacle.com. Alexander Kjerulf tells you why “Happy Hour is 9 to 5.” The gals from Make the Leap share 5 FRESH career resolutions for 2007. The Voice of Reason answers your workplace queries.  Listen HERE!


SHOW #52: Identify and eliminate eye strain. How to negotiate extra benefits. Ready to quit?  Wait!  “My Cubicle” parody song. Crappy Cubicle Contest launches. Jobs with the Geek Squad. Listen HERE!

Career Filter A       Career Filter B       Career Filter C

SHOW #51: Find out how much astronauts and soccer players make. Are you ready to start your own biz? Awesome new Job Trend Tracker tool. The rules of workplace pranks. Prescription for a healthy pen. Listen HERE!

Career Filter A       Career Filter B       Career Filter C

SHOW #50: Take Buddha to Work Day! Are you the black sheep of the office? History of the stapler. A song about stress. Should you wear a helmet at your desk? Listen HERE!

A Buddhist Podcast     Jim’s Big Ego       Office Supply History

SHOW #49: 101 Ways to Get Fired with David Cordell.  Work for a Food Network queen.  The dangers of relying on the Internet for employment. Do you hate Human Resources? A threeway Bic. Listen HERE!

MySpace Add       Take Our Survey       Buy “Fire Me, Please”

SHOW #48: eRideshare.com shifts you into gear on carpooling. Is there a bright side to the misery known as work?  Tell us about your workplace bathroom. The pluses of guzzling coffee. The inaugural Office Supply Review w/ Kelli!  Listen HERE!

Career Filter A       Career Filter B       Career Filter C       Meet Kelli

SHOW #47: The Voice of Reason’s guide to exit a job gracefully. Saving a squirrel’s life can get you fired! Wanna be an ink cartridge refiller?  What’s the most painful part of your day? Listen HERE!

Career Filter A       Career Filter B       Career Filter C

SHOW #46: The dangers of mixing caffeine and work! From donating eggs to free travel – Word-of-Mouth Job Listings keep you covered. The Voice of Reason warns of the “Career Traps of Summer.” Quash interview nervousness once and for all! Listen HERE!

Career Filter A       Career Filter B       Career Filter C

SHOW #45: Should I hand in my two weeks notice to myself? Plus, retirement tips every young professional needs to know. Listen HERE!

SHOW #44: No college? No problem! Jobs that pay without higher ed. In a rut? Scott Smith gives you the “Motivation to Move.” Word of Mouth Jobs with the NY Mets, Hot or Not, AXA Financial, and more. Plus, the VOR on the power of asking. Listen HERE!

Career Filter A       Career Filter B       Career Filter C

SHOW #43: Is your boss reading your personal e-mails? Michael Santarcangelo of the Security Catalyst podcast dishes the facts. The Voice of Reason’s tips to make sure you don’t get “boss blocked.” Career Coach Jen on using your resume as a marketing tool. Help me make my desk more private, please! Listen HERE!

Visit the Security Catalyst
Please check back for Career Filters later (having Internet problems!)

SHOW #42: Gardening expert Marion Owen on office space plants. Voice of Reason on spotting and fighting passive-aggressive behavior. Passion Catalyst Curt Rosengren on seizing the moment. Career coach Jen Zobel-Bieber on avoiding a job-hunter’s Bermuda Triangle. Listen HERE!

Plant Expert       Passion Catalyst       Bermuda Triangle Worksheet

SHOW #41: As seen on the Dr. Phil show, recruiting expert Tony Beshara on his job search system. Tales of a high school math teacher. Subway platform songs. Workplace prank turns deadly. The benefits of job-hopping. Listen HERE!


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SHOW #40: Beating the winter blues. Tips to stay positive. MTV job leads. Super Bowl office pool woes. Reverse brainstorming. Listen HERE!


SHOW #39: Do you get MLK day off? Best companies to work for. 3 job resources you DON’T know about. The real deal on starting your own business on a shoestring budget. Dare to dream! Listen HERE!



This is NOT an animated picture! The more motion you see, the sooner you need to find a new job! It’s said that murderers see the circles spinning wildly! If the image is still, you’re AOK…for now!

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SHOW #38: Secret Santa hell! Holiday party blues. Transit strike woes. Pro tips on KEEPING your work resolutions. New job search website. Listen HERE!


are you kidding? office holiday door contest

SHOW #37: End-of-year bonuses revealed. Need job help? Career counselors reveal what they REALLY do. The Voice of Reason on the evils of routine. Must-visit career sites of the week. Listen HERE!


listener poem: ode to the recruiter

SHOW #36: Men vs. Women on dating at work. Save on Starbucks! How to pour the perfect cup of coffee. Office swag makes you a walking billboard. Creating your own job perks. Listen HERE!


SHOW #35: Kick your job search into high gear. Bad boss coping tips. Patience and networking. Rejection letter madness. Workplace investigators are watching! Listen HERE!


Letters: REJECTED!

SHOW #34: You can work for Penthouse magazine. Play the Kevin Bacon career game. The perils of puggles. Pink slip planning. Tons of career advice, job postings, and office rants. Listen HERE!


Working Podcast welcomes professional career counselors Jen Zobel Bieber and Christine Cookman to the mix! Contact them — maketheleap@gmail.com

SHOW #33: Life without a job IS possible. The best states to work in. The never forget another name game. The job of being a mom with Mommycast. Campaign to ban large umbrellas. Baker turned street musician. Listen HERE!


SHOW #32: Word of Mouth Job Listings in news media. Learn how to look into their eyes at networking events. Fridge food thieves. Tips to unwind after a crappy day. Listen HERE!



SHOW #31: Avon lady‘s housecall turns XXX. 7 guaranteed tips to save money at the pump. Alert: New way bosses are spying on you. Kansas City street musician. Resume words to avoid. Listen HERE!


SHOW #30: Advice to get unstuck at work. Music from the Underground. How much do you make an hour? Networking tips. Our brand new Career Filter is live. Listen HERE!


SHOW #29: Lunch at work. A personal chef reveals innovative ideas and tips. The Voice of Reason teaches you the art of resignation. Winner of an iPod PED 2 stand announced. Listen HERE!

If you want more from Chef Mark Tafoya – click over to his blog/podcast.

SHOW #28: Learn how to use yoga at work. Chiropractor tells you how to protect your back at the office. Listeners talk about “jumping the shark” at work. Listen HERE!  (09/01/05)

SHOW #27: Movies about work. Employees who don’t even get toilet seats. Have you jumped the shark at your current job? Job listings include entertainment gigs in NY and Java stuff in MA. Podcasting for hurricane victims. Listen HERE! (08/28/05)

SHOW #26: BACK FROM VACATION! Assaulted by a Blackberry. We get interviewed on Sirius Satellite Radio. Importance of taking pride in your work. On the clock bathroom time analyzed. Listen HERE! (08/17/05)

Many “cubes” in Japan don’t even have walls — so stop your complaining!  😉 Thanks for the pic Tony in Tokyo!

SHOW #25: I’ll be away for a few days, and if you have vacation time left this year, use it now! Hope these work-related tunes tide you over. Listen HERE! (08/06/05)

Podcasting Pitfalls — Read the latest edition of the PODwire.

SHOW #24: Listeners reveal how they irk cubemates. The dumbest interview questions ever. What to do when a potential employer never calls you back. Web Design Salary Reveals. Commuter chaos. Listen HERE! (07/30/05)

SHOW #23: Learn how to slam your cubicle door shut. The real price of commuting. Cost of living calculator. Key to self-employment. The true impact of a promotion. Listen HERE! (07/24/05)

Relocation Calculator


SHOW #22: Weird office bathroom behavior. What your cubicle reveals about YOU. Booming professions for the next 5 years. The Voice of Reason answers YOUR career questions. Listen HERE! (07/16/05)

SHOW #21: Are you prepared for a terror attack? This special edition focuses on safety tips for commuters. Listen HERE! (07/10/05)
SHOW #20: Rejected for a job? Learn how to use it to your advantage, courtesy of Bob Prentice! Expert answers to deadly interview questions. Yummy train dinners. New Job listings. Midnight voicemails. Listen HERE! (07/07/05)

NEW story from a listener! Read Michelle Pierre’s Learning to be a Diabetic

Do you work for a psychopath? Take the quiz HERE.

SHOW #19: World-renowned career counselor Annemarie Cross dials in from Australia with critical resume advice. We reveal what President Bush and his cronies are making a year. John from the GabberJaw podcast is under our Career Spotlight. Plus, a trip to China courtesy of a new street musician. Listen HERE! (07/02/05)

SHOW #18: Embarrassing work stories. Amuse yourself at the customer’s expense. A fan from England on bus etiquette. Commuter news from NYC. Sitting at your desk makes you sick: literally! Listen HERE! (06/28/05)

SHOW #17: Word-of-Mouth Job Listings at FUSE, ABC, Food Network, and more! The longest day of the year turns into the longest COMMUTE of the year! Listeners respond to Steph’s boob problem. Listen HERE! (06/21/05)

Craigslist Posting of Doom!


SHOW #16: A caller complains about office guys staring at her D-cup. Learn about the underworld of being a hotel concierge. A few extra pounds can cost you the job! What the heck is sticking out of that car window? Listen HERE! (06/12/05)

SHOW #15: The ultimate guide to calling in sick. OfficeScopes for June. Word-of-Mouth job listings at godaddy.com and more. Death on the NYC subway. Retail horror stories. Listen HERE! (06/09/05)

SHOW #14: An international listener dials in about working in the Netherlands. Confessions of a retail worker: scandal in the dressing room. Salary Reveals from the world of archaeology. Annoying goodbye letters. Listen HERE! (06/06/05)

A listener writes in about the workplace “Honor Code.”

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SHOW #13: Answers to common interview questions. Editorial job openings in NY and CA. The history of the necktie. Salaries revealed! I get turned down for an office. Listen HERE! (06/01/05)

Ties are the appendix of the fashion world! Read more.

SHOW #12: Quitting a six-figure job to podcast full time? The ultimate tip on burning bridges. Explaining technology to your parents (ARGH!). Click in for an interview with Robert of podCast 411. Plus Leo gets mad, again. Listen HERE! (05/30/05)

PODCAST 411 interviews Andrew of the WORKING PODCAST! Learn about our mission, tips on starting up your own podcast, and the joys of Duck Hunt on Nintendo!  Listen HERE! (05/29/05)

SHOW #11: Should you attend Trump University? The cities that are best for stretching your paycheck. The NY Times issues moronic career advice. Plus, a street band that actually rocks. Listen HERE! (05/24/05)

Looking for a podcasting job?! Click over to PodcastingJobs.com!

SHOW #10: Penn Station street musicians play for you! What celebrity would you want to work for? Please, never bring your relatives to work. Why am I always behind the yellow school bus? Listen HERE!

SHOW #9: Info on how to work for Sirius satellite radio. Guess who’s downloading porn at the office. Can the color of your hair control career destiny? Fancy Resume vs. Plain Resume. Listen HERE!

What is the point? Verizon Ad      Please tell me they are kidding! Bad Hair


SHOW #8: Request for time off rejected!  Don’t sell me candy on the train.  Working at Staples apparently sucks. Mute all street musicians. And Leo hates it when… Listen HERE! (05/11/05)

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SHOW #7: Does death pay?  We have the answer in our Salary Reveals segment!  Lessons in elevator etiquette, no one signals when they drive, and people who leave things on the printer must be punished! Listen HERE! (05/06/05)

SHOW #6: Word-of-Mouth Job Listings at MTV, real people give real advice on asking for a raise, Salary Reveals from the world of transportation, and should trains and buses impose a limit on the number of bags you bring aboard?!  Listen HERE! (04/30/05)

SHOW #5: Forget the baseball players, we reveal what other people in the field are making! Plus, your e-mails on wacky elevator antics, tiny train seats, and a phone call from the biggest corporate thief EVER!  Listen HERE! (04/27/05)

UPDATE: Are cartoonists listening to our show? (Thanks Ian!)

SHOW #4: Take a trip on the dirtiest subway in NYC, get the ultimate guide to killing time on the company dime, Salary Reveals from the world of medicine, a  Word-of-Mouth Job Listing from Time Warner, and three ways to make your boss sweat, WITHOUT getting fired! Listen HERE! (04/24/05)

Another reason Andrew’s commute sucks — Subway Cleanliness Declining

Thanks “L” for the Word-of-Mouth Time Warner Job Posting!

DEBUT PODCAST: Salary Reveals, Word-of Mouth Job Listings, and Commuter Rants!  Does your job suck?  Listen HERE! (04/16/05)

SHOW #2:  Find out why you should be jealous of the BELLBOY, who’s having sex in the office, and why egg sandwiches should be banned from public transportation! Listen HERE!  (04/18/05)

SHOW #3: Three foolproof job hunting tips! Is the guy serving you ice cream from his Mister Softee truck a millionaire?  Plus, Dave has sex in the office and Andrew calls out the New York Times.  Listen HERE! (04/20/05)


“I was just told that I have to work on Memorial Day. In return, I can take a comp day anytime I want. Big deal! There’s nothing worse than working when you know all of your friends and family are off!” –George (Coney Island, NY)

“My 401K plan sends me a piece of mail every single day. I never understand any of it. By the time I retire, there won’t be any trees left.” – Rosemary (Long Beach, CA)

“With all of the technology currently available, why are so many of us still chained to desks?” –B. (NYC)

“I wear a suit everyday and my female co-workers wear sweatpants. If I came in looking like I was heading to the gym, my boss would send me home…maybe forever.” –Anthony (Pawtucket, RI)

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If you answer ‘yes’ to one or more of the questions below, the WORKING PODCAST is for YOU:

–Do you sometimes wonder what sick and twisted individual decided the week should be comprised of 5 working days and only 2 days off?

— Have you been a victim of constant corrections and unnecessary e-mails in the workplace?

–Does your skin crawl when someone at work asks, ‘So, any big weekend plans?’

–On Sundays, at around 4pm (or earlier!), do you feel a dark cloud of work dread form over your head?

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